Our Practice

Corporate Organization and Merger


The Firm represents a diverse group of corporate clients – from small to large enterprises, private and publicly listed companies, and local and multinational corporations. We advise our clients on all areas of their business activities. Our comprehensive range of corporate services includes:

  • Incorporation and registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Registration with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
  • Filing of regular reports with the SEC, BIR, and other relevant government agencies.
  • Drafting of contracts and commercial agreements.
  • Licensing, registration, and prosecution of corporate trademarks and patents.
  • Aid in international transactions.
  • Corporate and commercial litigation.
  • Due diligence.
  • Tax audit.
  • Corporate reorganization.
  • Capital restructuring.
  • Dissolution, bankruptcy, liquidation, and corporate rehabilitation.




Tan Venturanza Valdez is an active participant in the Philippine capital market. Among our growing list of clients are publicly listed corporations with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). We service our clients with regard to:

  • Initial public offerings (IPO) and public offering restructurings.
  • Issuances of securities.
  • Public and private placements of shares.
  • Establishments of mutual funds.
  • Filing of disclosures, reports, and other requirements with the PSE.
  • Rendering legal advice on securities laws and regulations.




Taxation is one of the Firm’s specialties. We provide legal advice in all aspects of international and local taxation. Our services include:

  • Rendering of legal advice on the effect of taxation to particular contracts and commercial agreements.
  • Tax structuring.
  • Tax audit.
  • Filing of annual reports with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
  • Examining and contesting of tax assessments by the BIR and customs duties by the Bureau of Customs (BOC).
  • Legal representation before the BIR, BOC, Court of Tax Appeals, Supreme Court, and other appellate courts.


Banking and Finance


The Firm acts as counsel to many banks and financial institutions in the country. Among our services are:

  • Rendering legal advice on financial transactions and regulatory matters affecting banks and financial institutions.
  • Loan restructuring and refinancing.
  • Legal representation in civil, criminal, and administrative cases for the negotiation or enforcement of bank instruments.


Foreign Investments


Our Firm has assisted a number of foreign investors in establishing their businesses in the Philippine market. We advise our clients on foreign investment restrictions and tax incentives, facilitate corporate and joint venture formation, and process and register trademarks and trade names with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, and provide general corporate services.




The Firm has substantial expertise in the field of immigration. Under this practice area, we assist clients in securing visas, work permits, and other clearances from the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor and Employment and in the application for citizenship of prospective immigrants. We also provide legal representation on matters of arrest, detention, and deportation of clients to and from the Philippines with the appropriate courts.


Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property law is a fast-evolving field. Over the years, the Firm has developed an outstanding practice in this area both on local and international domains. Among the legal services being provided by the Firm are the following:

  • Copyright registration, protection, and prosecution.
  • Filing of application and registration of trademarks, patents, designs, and utility models with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPO).
  • Maintenance and filing of regular reports on registered trademarks, patents, designs, and utility models with the IPO.
  • Registration of food, cosmetics, and drugs with the Food and Drugs Administration and the Bureau of Animal Industry.
  • Securing a License to Operate and Certificate of Product Registration with the appropriate agencies.
  • Legal representation in copyright, trademark, or patent infringement cases, unfair competition, and other actions filed with the IPO in violation of the Intellectual Property Code.


Labor and Industrial Relations


Our Firm possesses a high level of competence in matters involving labor relations. Labor practice services provided by the Firm include the following:

  • Review and implementation of company rules and regulations, and employment policies and contracts.
  • Drafting and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements with labor unions.
  • Settling of industrial disputes such as strikes and hikes, unfair labor practices, and money claims.
  • Advise on aspects concerning labor standards and labor law compliance.
  • Legal representation on labor disputes before the Labor Arbiter, National Labor Relations Commission, and higher courts.




Tan Venturanza Valdez represents clients in all types of proceedings and handles all forms of dispute resolutions. We provide adept legal advice grounded upon thorough preparation and a well-thought-out strategy, always bearing in mind the interest and well-being of our clients. The Firm’s lawyers are proficient in arbitration and are skilled in exploring and adopting alternative cost-effective methods of dispute resolution.


Natural Resources and Energy


The Firm counsels a number of oil, energy, and mining companies. We give advice to our clients on the legal effects of and the legal requirements for their mining, exploration, construction, and operation projects. We also provide due diligence in securing Technical Assistance Agreements, Environmental Compliance Certificates, and other permits from appropriate government agencies.


Our energy practice continues to expand as we have assisted clients in every stage of participation in the industry, from due diligence on target sites for power plants to incorporation of special purpose vehicles and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Property Transactions and Development


The Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance in all stages of property acquisition and development. Our real estate practices include land registration and titling, rendering legal advice on the acquisition, lease, development, and disposition of real estate, and representing our clients for land and property-related disputes before the appropriate courts.


Telecommunications and Information Technology


Developments in Telecommunications and Information Technology have advanced rapidly over the past decades. Our Firm has kept up to speed with technical and legal changes. We are experienced in structuring and implementing financing for telecommunications projects, and we have provided advice and guidance, as well as prepared a wide array of contracts, for various IT projects.